Residential Solar System

residentialUMAWA Ltd designs and installs robust and reliable Solar Solutions for private residences to cater for owners’ electrical energy needs throughout the day and at night. Our Residential Solar Solution consists of a Solar Energy Generation Component and a Battery Backup System. The systems are customized to suit client’s peculiar energy needs. All components installed are of European origin from industry-leading manufacturers.


    • Protection against rising electricity tariffs.
    • Reliable backup power supply.
    • Energy Independence as power producer and consumer.

Solar Water Heater Solution

water heaterOur Solar Water Heating Solution is a cost-effective way of heating water for use (at home and commercial kitchens where hot water is needed). In reducing electricity bills in the face of rising electricity tariffs,UMAWA Ltd installs solar water heating systems that can cover almost all your hot water needs.With an average of 70% of water heating energy coming from the sun, it is an economically sound investment for both new and existing buildings that have water heater systems suitable for this installation.Furthermore, our option has a conventional heating system that heats up the storage tank to the desired set temperature, when the solar radiation is insufficient. UMAWA Ltd offers this product in customized packages for various consumer water heating needs.


  • Unlimited and free energy source for heating water (the sun).
  • Reduced electricity bills.
  • Availability of hot water at any given time.

Roof Mounted Photovoltaic

roof mountedOur roof mounted solar systems are suited for retail malls, commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities and can be deployed rapidly.Whether flat or pitched, with tiles or corrugated sheet roof, our experienced engineers design and construct solar plants that deliver cost effective solutions. The solar plants are owned and operated by UMAWA Ltd, or designed, built and transferred to the customer with a contractual oversight of operations and maintenance on the customer’s behalf by UMAWA Ltd


  • Attain energy efficiency and independence by generating energy locally.
  • Reduce transmission losses through local production and consumption.
  • Optimise energy consumption through “clever grid”.
  • Protection against rising electricity tariffs through optimised planning.

Solar Car Port Solutions

Car PortThe solar car port system transforms classic car ports at home, office complexes and those of shopping malls into aesthetically designed clean energy power plants.Apart from turning your car port into an ecological
power plant, UMAWA Ltd’s solar car port system also protects your car and those of your clients against adverse effects of the sun and precipitation.A combination of roof mounted solar systems and car port enables our clients to maximize the solar energy potential available, thereby reducing the per unit consumption cost of the plant.


  • Provides additional or alternative source of energy for your business.
  • Provides shelter and protection for vehicles.
  • Optimum area utilization.
  • Cost effective and easy to install.

Solar ATM Solutions

solar atmUMAWA Ltd carefully designs and installs the best solar energy system to cater for the energy needs of all ATM machines. This system with its high quality components will provide uninterrupted power to the ATM machine throughout the day and night. The system can be set out as a fully stand-alone system or coupled with power from the grid as and when available.


  • Reduced electricity bills.
  • Provision of a reliable power supply.
  • Energy Independence as power producer and consumer.
  • Clean energy with zero emission that helps to preserve the environment.

Solar LED Street Lighting

LED lights

Our Solar LED Street light is a stand-alone lighting solution for road and area lighting providing efficient and reliable lighting without electricity bills. Illumination from this lamp is from LEDs powered by energy harnessed by attached solar panels, stored in batteries within the fixture. This integrated smart energy management system guarantees all night long lighting without blackout even during rainy seasons.All installed materials are of European origin and are certified for use in tropical climates with a 10 year maintenance free guarantee. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be installed both in urban establishments and rural communities to provide illumination for roadways, parking lots, tennis courts and other wider areas.


  • Highly efficient and reliable solar streetlight system.
  • Very affordable, easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Provides up to 5 days all night long lighting when fully charged (autonomy), even
    during rainy or cloudy periods.
  • All-in-one casing with all elements at the top of the pole to prevent vandalism and

Ground Mounted Solar Farms

Ground Mounted Solar Farms

Solar parks as they are called range in size from 50kWp to multi-megawatt utility scale installations. These ground mounted solar installations have become an attractively increasing investment due to the competitive national feed-in tariff and the continuous decrease in installed cost of power.
Solar parks are usually designed as large scale projects and constructed on green field sites. The energy generated is fed into the national grid. UMAWA Ltd has the technical ability and the financial capability to design, construct and operate such large scale projects.
With ground mounted solar farms, UMAWA Ltd plans to drive renewable energy in the market place and to make its mark on the renewable energy landscape of the West African Sub-Region.


  • Provide long term reliability and guaranteed performance.
  • Provide income generation and employment opportunities.
  • Promotes energy mix diversity and energy independence.
  • Less expensive to install and maintain.