UMAWA Ltd goes beyond designing and installing a solar system. We advise customers to replace energy-wasting bulbs and other appliances with cost-effective energy saving devices, and even offer suggestions to remodel customers’ homes to take full advantage of natural cooling and lighting.


UMAWA Ltd also engages in the selling and distribution of solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, connectors, batteries and storage systems stocking leading products such as READ MORE


Commitment to operational excellence set us apart. We strive to improve the customer experience we give out consistently.


We give you solutions for reliable power, year after year. Solar costs are coming down and getting more competitive with generators and other conventional power sources.

UMAWA Ltd promotes Green energy with solar electric systems in Ghana and other West African countries. We ensure the ready availability of systems with standard but flexible packages to suit a variety of needs. UMAWA  Ltd seeks to maximize the local value added to its systems.